April 2018


Inside the Brick-and-Mortar Locations of Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVBs)

After establishing their brand and customer base online, digitally native vertical brands (DNVBs) often grow by expanding into physical retail. Fast-growing companies like Warby Parker and Bonobos have continued to buck conventional retail paradigms as they have…

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Choosing a Platform for In-Store Technology

As digital transformation drives fast-paced changes in how consumers engage with brands, enterprise retailers need unparalleled versatility from their in-store technology platform. Traditional in-store technology has featured custom-built hardware that delivers a single point solution—your…

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What “In-Store Omnichannel” Looks Like

According to a December 2017 study, 87% of retailers say in-store omnichannel is "critical to their business," but only 8% say they've "mastered" it. This indicates a definitive demand for smarter in-store experiences that blend…

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How Scanning Enables In-Store Digital Innovation

In an age where smartphone-connected consumers are demanding interactive shopping experiences in-store, next-gen scanning technology is integral to innovation in the brick-and-mortar environment. (more…)

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Aila’s Truescan Cordova Plugin

At Aila, we love to partner with our customers in order to bring digital experiences to life. For those using a Cordova application, we have some exciting news. We are thrilled to announce the Aila…

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